Review Post – TFIOS –

Welcome to the Review Posts

At least once a month (lets hope more gosh I’m lazy) I will review a book I liked or recently read.

This is my first try.

Please tell me if my reviews suck totally.


Hazel is sixteen and she’s doing okay. Well, apart being a cancer kid, she’s fine. Hazel is doing fine, but her mother believes she’s depressed and sends her to a support group, where she meets many interesting people, but one strucks her.

Augustus Waters.

He managed to survive Osteorsarcoma but left a leg behind. He is funny, unnerving and intelligent and let’s say it, awfully hot. 

So why shouldn’t Hazel, former AIA fan, just let herself go?

Shouldn’t a girl just follow her dreams? And when dreams are way better that reality? When you can run and laugh annd live and breathe and your lungs don’t suck at bein lungs?

Go on and read TFIOS. You will not regret it.


Is it just me or this sounded terribly like a TV ad? Gosh

I’m lameeee.


Get ready for LAST STAND

chap 2 is coming 😉



TFIOS by Palnk

check her out 😀


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